My AoA Md 65 kit came in, along with my RGuns '69 Izzy kit, so I've been happy drooling over lots of parts the past few days.

This kit is all numbers matching, even the LHG reverse dong with "ALIS" trench art. Really nice patina on the external parts that I will save. This is getting a Romanian CHF barrel and custom s/n Childers receiver. Early non-lightening cut barrel components, type 2 stamped underfolder stock, and all of the journals are #2 thankfully this time. I went and got an oversized Polish barrel on the way from AoA to use on my '68 Md 63 kit with the #3 trunion. Also, looking around here in various threads and the Trunion database to see what is typical for this kit year, there don't seem to be all that many 1974 kits around. Was this a lower production period?