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Thread: Romanian 5.45 RPK Questions

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    There's a couple of us collecting up parts to build these.
    Barrel is going to be a custom job, you'll need a 5.45 blank with the right length and have it profiled to fit the components and the trunnion.
    Unless you are going for a 5.45 paratrooper build you'd be a lot better off keeping the 7.62 paratrooper built up as a matching gun (at least price wise for thoughts of future value) and just getting a later year RPK kit to build off of.

    Me personally, I've collected up an unmarked bolt, unmarked carrier and am going to take a later model 7.62 rpk kit for the base of the build. I'll mark the bolt and carrier to match the serial of the kit. Going with a later rpk gives you the correct bipod, lhgr, etc.

    Accessories are hard to run by, not many 40 round 5.45 mags have made it over here, you can get 30 rounds easily, but 20 and 40 round 5.45 rommy mags are expensive. TPinFL had some mag bags, I got one from him, not sure if he has any left or not, PM him if you're interested. Cleaning rod is gonna be a bitch to find, you may end up having to use a 7.62 one just for looks.
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    I‘ve thought about the value of the kit, but I still like the idea of an 89 dated 5.45 RPK to go with my ‘89 dated md. 86 clone. I tested and AIMS bolt in my trunnion and it appears to lockup fine. I think the only modification to the original parts kit would be modifying the trunnion for the 5.45 bullet guide. I don’t think any other parts would have to be. I plan on getting AIMS parts and having them renumbered to match and a having a barrel made.

    Btw what is the correct designation for the Romanian 5.45 RPK? I’ve seen PA md. 89 and PA md. 93 floating around the internet.

    Accessories woukd beba pain. But the hunt for them is part of the fun for me.

    that 5.56 Yugo RPK project sounds awesome I would
    be interested in learning more about it.

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    Romanian slabside receiver., unless the magwell is uncut it will not be the right width for a 74 magazine. Too wide.

    Have to figure out the barrel setback due to the disparity of 7.62 trunnion and 5.45 bolt head based on lug width.
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