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Polish AK crate spotted

Thread: Polish AK crate spotted

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  1. wingnut308's Avatar

    wingnut308 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by howiebearse View Post
    My neighbor helped me build this crate from scratch
    Good sir, could you pan the camera around the room a lil bit?
  2. Krink545's Avatar

    Krink545 said:
    Holy Shit that is SWEET.
  3. JoDaBo's Avatar

    JoDaBo said:
    Damn, howie! That gun room is something I aspire to have one day. Thatís freakiní awesome!

  4. Highpower said:
    I like the idea of using a transit chest as a coffee table, I have just never found one that was suitable at a price I wanted to pay. I did build one for my 1919A4 a couple years ago, but I was actually using it to move the gun to the range so I didn't try to make a glass lid for it.

  5. will36's Avatar

    will36 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by JoDaBo View Post
    I guess you guys can be trusted... In my free time (when I'm not converting commie gun crates into fine furniture) I'm taking down mob thugs and mafioso types in this mean machine.

    Same here! I like blowing the doors off Corvette's and stopping at the next red light and seeing the look on there faces. Smoked a new Mustang gt the other day so bad he got in the turning lane. 31505317_1666405143397232_6146024387268050944_o.jpg