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Thread: Clearview AKM 63

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR - E View Post

    That is an interesting scope mount, could you provide a picture showing the entire plate? Got any of these lying around there, PRDUBI?
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    Never seen that..

    Only ones I've seen are the ones I've posted before on the amd65 and amp69.

    Just that style..

    We have this only...

    Tech spec. Says it needs that flat plate.

    We have no other in our FEG manual of assembly without that plate.

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    That mystery scope plate looks like a repro. To clean to be an original.

    Paint looks to shiny to be FEG paint.

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    I do not have a better photo of it yet, but It is the same scope mount plate VEPRs come with. My SAR-1 also came with that same scope mount factory applied - when the rivets went in.. I found my scope plate on line, & took it to my gunsmith to rivet on (because I was nervous about it). He decided it needed to go forward a bit & he didn't want to remove original rivets, so he bobbed off the rear rivet eye & attached it with only 2 rivets. But the SOB (or his chimpanzee apprentice) got it on crooked.
    We are no longer speaking.
    At Home - I drilled out the center rivet causing it to be crooked - pivoted it on the front rivet to be straight, countersunk a new hole through the rear on the plates dovetail center - making it completely parallel with the bolt rails, & used an allen head bolt in the new hole, & filing the center incorrect hole, & using an allen head in it as well. Both allen heads are backed up inside with nylock nuts. My repair doesn't look bad at all - just 1 rivet & 2 allen heads. The nuts are completely out of the way inside the receiver, & it is very sturdy, & holds my Zenit military scope.
    "Guess I are a gunsmith now" that I did a clean successful repair to his shitty work. A learning experience I could have done without. PM me & remind me about that pic you need. Cheers, Mr. E
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