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Thread: Anyone know the history of the AK55 barreled kits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoDaBo View Post
    What happened to all the rear stubs on these AK55 kits? I've seen about a dozen kits, of which 1 maybe 2 had a rear stub. Where did they all go?
    I don't see them here at the warehouse.

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    Shame about the rear stubs. The Hungarian T3s were the best from any country, IMO.

    I should have saved at least one, just to pull out and admire once in a while.

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    Let’s not forget the fatal flaw shared by most AK55 rifles - the barrels were buggered-up from the start due to faulty manufacturing that resulted in the chrome lining flaking off almost immediately. Perhaps there are exceptions, but every single AK55 barrel I’ve seen was flawed in this way, accompanying kits that looked practically unfired. I’d never build or have the desire to own one for this reason. Plus, in general, Hungarian AKs have less combat history.
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