Mak 90 Differences
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    Mak 90 Differences

    ? We have two Mak 90's, both stamped receivers, both have the in the white bolt carriers ,one with the in the white bolt, the other is a black bolt. all of the internals look identical except for the hammers. There are no arsenal markings on either one but one of them has the "copper looking hammer in it like the Polytechs have. Does this make this one Mak a Poly or is it just a screw up down the line? Dad has already converted the one with the black hammer to an underfolding bayo job and we're not sure about the other one but future plans are to do one to use the type 1 or "Legend" bayo but we were curious about the one with the Polytech hammer in it. Thank ya'll for your time and any info. Mad Max son of Madtechcool

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    I just bought a Norinco side folder and it has the "copper" colored hammer in it as well. I thought it was strange looking but didn't give it any thought. It also has a spriong loaded firing pin. So, I assume these things aren't exclusive to poly tech jobbers.




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