Chinese Full-Auto Bolt Carrier
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    I have an unserialized, NOS Chinese full-auto bolt carrier and spring loaded bolt. Both in the white. I have never seen this ever sold anywhere. I (unfortunately) don't remember how I got it. I've been piecing parts for another 56S-1 double folder build and going through my parts and had just noticed this. I looked at all pictures I can find of imported Chicoms and all their bolt carriers do not have the sear trip. In fact, the only pictures I've seen with FA carriers were demiled PLO kits.

    Anyone familiar or have seen something like this before? Just curious what I have here and where it would have been sold.
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    Auto carriers were imported as individual replacement parts back in the day and would not have been found inside of an assembled (imported) gun. Any full-auto carriers inside an AK were neutered before being sold. It is likely a pre-89 specimen you have. The sprung bolt would have been a Polytech item but they may not have been sold together. Un-numbered auto carriers are out there, I was lucky enough to have found 2 in the last year for a couple of my projects.

    You have a receiver with both notches so it is only fitting that your carrier be auto too
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