SLR-106-CR...To Bubba, or not to bubba
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    Re: SLR-106-CR...To Bubba, or not to bubba

    Would love to see it when done, I wanted to do the same with Definitive Arms but ended up with the 107CR.

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    Re: SLR-106-CR...To Bubba, or not to bubba

    Quote Originally Posted by Corrosive
    Quote Originally Posted by Sneakers1971
    Like was posted, it's your rifle. I think their is a thread somewhere about Arsenal killing the slr106.
    Not to sway your judgement but your consideration .
    Yeah, I'd like to learn more about that; and also the Bulgarian variant AK-102 in general (if there truly was such a beast).
    The closest thing Bulgaria made to an AK102 (a Russian designation) would be a milled rifle in 5.56, the only stamped rifles were AK-74s of various barrel lengths. The K-var/Arsenal weapons are made from "sporting style" rifles made with AK-74 type recievers and commercially reconfigured in Nevada, No military versions of those weapons exist (exceptions are always possible in the AK world). Other than the formerly produced AK74, all military weapons from Bulgarian Arsenal are made with forged and milled recievers and most still use underfolding stocks, with some side folders made but are different from those found on the old 74 line, and the polymer folding stocks K-var uses on 4.5mm trunnions are a k-var copy of Russian furniture, and were never made or used in Bulgarian production.... I believe you would be closer to an AK102 by converting a 5.56 Saiga, and it would be made from a weapon that is crying out for some modification anyway.
    "I was rather hostile to a reduced calibre being used by us. Even now, I am still convinced that the 7.62 is the best" M. Kalashnikov



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