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It always cracks me up how many folks throw out the standard "if it ain't arsenal it ain't shit responses" then go on to recommend WASR or some other variant as superior. I often wonder if they have ever fired a Century product or just believe all the bubba hype about what a POS they are? Anyone in the manufacturing game can lay and egg, it's what they do after the fact that matters. I have a 39V2 pistol that runs like a champ. It serves the purpose I bought it for very well. I also have an early Century 5.45 AK that is built with Bulgarian parts that has a spud receiver and all the parts are aligned and assembled correctly, it too runs like a champ.

As to the original poster, the Midwest side mount is a solid method of mounting optics whether it be scope or red dot. Worth taking a look at.
Because every time someone says this, they immediately load up the gun and it blows up after "thousands of rounds!"