Are your AK bolt faces getting "flame cut" ?
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    Are your AK bolt faces getting "flame cut" ?

    Looking at the face of your AK bolt, there is usually a "black ring" around the firing pin where the primer's edges would be on the shell case.

    I noticed a post on K-VAR's forum:

    In this post, the author is complaining about what appears to not only be the black ring, but actually some kind of erosion or flame-cutting of the bolt face.

    I noticed my shooter SA M7 Carbine has one of these flame cut rings, but it's so shallow you can't see it but under a bright light.

    Doesn't this usually indicate leaky primers?

    Since most of us shoot Wolf, I wonder if we shouldn't all check our bolts for this gas erosion ring?

    Is it normal for an AK to have a ring of actual erosion around the FP after only a thousand rounds or so?

    How bad does it get before the bolt is ruined?

    Should we stop shooting Wolf?
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    This is absolutely normal and don't concern yourself with it. You will probably break the bolt or go broke before this ever becomes a problem. It's just the nature of the beast. Just look at it every so often and make sure no sizeable chunks are gone.

    BTW, it's Bush's fault not Wolf's so quit blaming the ammo maker.

    Happy Shooting



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