the saga continues with stuck case.
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    the saga continues with stuck case.

    The stuck case alluded to in a previous post is still stuck.
    I got a stuck case remover from kvar, but the case still reamains in the chamber. Case remover will not pull the case out.
    I tried pulling it out with the bolt, by tapping it out with a rod from the front. Nothing works. Even saturated the whole thing with penetration oil and trying the case remover again.

    Anybody got any new ideas?

    Anybody know where I can get a barrel for a 5.45x39 sar 2 barrel?

    Five cases of ammo for the thing, and it don't work. That sucks.

    Thanks in advance

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    Never had to do this, but if I were in your boots I would try to stay non-destructive as long as possible. Maybe warm the barrel and chamber. No ovens, just lamps and hairdryer. Then get some crushed ice inside the stuck case and try what method you have of pulling it out.

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    Heat is your answer. As mentioned above, or use a heat gun and get it to about 2-300 degF and it will tap right out with the stuck case remover.

    Happy Shooting

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    Spent case or live round?

    I've had to use an appropriate amount of force with a hammer and a rod from the muzzle end to get a stuck case out.

    Very few things in this life can't be fixed with a big enough hammer.......

    Best of luck!

    You can reach me directly at templarm4carbine at

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