I have a converted Saiga that I purchased about 6mo ago
(RWC IZ132L)

So far its been great but I thought about 750 RDS was a good place to take some pics and identify potential trouble spots. The paint on these saigas suck and is apparently a known issue. I will probably be cerakoting soon. The benefit is that I can quickly find wear spots.

So I took a bunch of pics of the internals for documentation. All the wear so far looks pretty standard, no metal wearing off, but there is one thing that was bothering me a bit. The bolt carrier makes more contact with the hammer than I would like, even when cocked. If positioned just right, the bolt carrier will stick on it for a second or two. I'm noticing some wear on the hammer and bottom of bolt carrier as well.

Could someone take a look at the pictures and let me know if this is normal wear or something that needs to be fixed? If there are other potential trouble areas that I missed or the pics are blurry, please let me know and I will post them. I don't have a great eye for this stuff.
Below is the gallery that I created for pics of this rifle.


Thanks in advance.