I was cleaning my wife's Saiga and noticed something didn't look right. RWC welded a flat bullet gude to a round trunion. At the range she had 2 rounds hit the trunnion, 1 high, 1 low (she says on the second one. I did not see it). I attributes it at the time to crapco magazines or the 69gr ammo. Bulgarian circle-10 magazines worked fine.

Could the flat bullet guide contribute to this?

I bought one on the same day (the price was too good and likely a mislabeling) but I sent it to Legion USA to have the front sight changed. If it is going to cause a headache, I would like to see if they can do the swapout while they have it. For the record it ran fine with tapco and Bulgarian magazines, but I only shot 30 rounds.

Thanks for the help.