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Thread: Headspace Question

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    The bolt carrier should close on a go gauge with no more than 33 pounds of gentle pressure. The carrier should not closes on a no-go with up to 66 pounds of gentle pressure. The carrier has closed if it has contacted the trunnion on the left side. So if you are putting less pressure then that on the carrier and it is closing on the no-go then that does not sound good. I think you are correct to be concerned.

    Have you made sure that the bore is completely spotless when checking headspace? Same question for the bolt face, and the lugs on the bolt and trunnion. The difference between a go and a no-go gauge is about .0045" so debris the size of a human hair could cause issues.

    You said there is still 1/4" of clearance from the triangle lug on the bolt to the trunnion with a no-go gauge, that sounds correct when just using the bolt. How close does the triangle lug come to the trunnion using a go-gauge? In my experience there is usually a small 1-2mm gap on factory rifles but that still provides a full lock with the bolt carrier.

    What country made your trunnion, bolt, and bolt carrier? Are all three numbers matching from the same original rifle?

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    Sounds like after the first rounds were fired the barrel pushed forward up against the pin, I dont know why this happens but remember reading about the possibility of it happening on home builds.

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    The locking lugs in the trunion and bolt should ALWAYS be lapped to each other before head spacing! Otherwise any bur or paint could throw the gauge off, and it is important to insure that BOTH lugs share the load equally.
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    I have nothing to add as I agree with the advice here.

    Mostly I want to thank Walleye for that Garand link, I am going to use it during my yearly Garand teardown. Thanks.


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