Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and jams
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    Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and jams

    Sorry bout being my first post. Bought my first Ak three weeks ago (Zastiva Papm70) and nothing but problems. Getting no where with dealer or Century since they won't let me return it myself and dealer says its not his problem yet he knew guns had issues he received but still sold it to me! Im agitaited to say the least!
    I have fixed a few Ak's and SkS's over the years for buddies with slight issues but nothing like what's going on with this.
    I didn't realize this was made from a single stack and agitated during my research of the PAP70 I missed that part. My first instinct was to just build my own and regretting not doing it. I have built 3 Ar's and resgulary work on and restore guns for friends.
    Took gun out to shoot last weekend. Rounds on right side of mag were catching on feed ramp and hanging up. Ammo didn't matter. I brought several different types FMJ and hollows and some of older first non coressive stuff I have for my SKS. Rounds from left side of mag bolt slides over 65 percent of time. If it does catch it jams it up at a 45 degree angle and edges it between chamber and left feed lip. (at no time are rounds from left side ever contacting what suposed to be feed ramp so not feeding of kt causing crazy upward angle the round takes Rounds are sticking in chamber while another round feeds as well.
    I thoroughly cleaned and lubed gun. Used both mags. I know they were installed correctly. I have shot enough Ak's its natural, same with cleaning em. Absoultely no side play on mags when installed. Checked before I bought and during issues that arose.
    I go back into fun store and tell owner! I was very nice bout it, but cost me $750 so he made good coin on me. Small shop, I know its tough. For that extra coin I expect more service to boot . Inget told its your feed ramp causing all the issues. Polish all rough high spots out and it will work! Stood in shock knowing its more then that and excepting better service I don't expect a new gun to need work or as much as this would/does. maybe I'm expecting to much. If anything else new and doesnt work I take it back and return it when it's defective from say one.
    I get gun apart. What you would call feed ramp is crooked (side to side). The notches on either side not thSt it matters aren't even at all. One side of what would be open area I realize is filled with bits of metal from burs etc (no light passing through so much metal in there). the little of lip feed ramp isn't ground even either. It's sitting so high it's above center of tip and one of reasons it's jamming/not feeding.
    I flip gun over and what look like two locking lugs aren't centered or even either on either side. Burr and loose metal everywhere on bottoms of parts (flipped under so not obvious unless in bright light and at right angle). Cleaned it in basement orginally so I mistook burrs being part of rough finsih which I wasn't happy about considering price. I spent ove an hour getting rid of all the burrs etc and rounds to be above center of lip of ramp. It's just made the the rounds sticking in chamber and left side not feeding or jaminng up that more obvious since ther issues were fixed it was a constadtsame thee issue instead of others being in mix.
    It's obvious no one tested this weapon. It wouldn't have functioned. I know others from save batch all have same issues. Yet these are advertised as some of the nicest AK's out there and we'll built. I'm feeling duped. Money is tight. Keepig getting kicked while Im already down and Its not like good times before I got hurt so I didnt need this. I don't have the cash to be paying for whoever screwed up here. Why I so angry hearing words shipping costs! It's bran new not like I wore out a part and it's still under warranty! Just more insult to what I already have going on in my life.
    I looked for several days and found lots of positive stuff which led me to beleive I was making a good purcahse and was worth the extra price. I didnt want any headaches. Also anytime buddies bougt cheap ones I was always one getting em feeding. But the amount roughness was nowhere near as bad as this was. The millimg marks were so rough N deep they clould grab smooth sides of brass not just tip. I always told buddies to leave their single stack alone. The if it ain't broke don't fix it appraoch. Not saying I'm right but just my feeling and what I wouldn't have knowingly bought it. My fault for not recognizing it for wait it was. I didn't find it anywhere listed so never dawned on me. Now that I know it is obvious and even that wasn't done well. Grinder crazy hid by bluing. Just missed it in low light of shop.

    Now I find posts about guys having to rework feed ramps, etc and swapping bolts out almost immediately to fix issues. I don't think a gun at what it's priced at should have these issues or lack of total quality control on at least mine and few others as they all have same exact multiple issues at same time. I'd rather just have my money back at this point and get a 2 cheap one that works and was made as double or a VEPR
    single stack and call it a day. Whatver was the best deal I could find. It's obvious the only way that's happening is if I take legal action which costs me more money and don't have it to spare.
    A sincere apology and let's get this made right would have made me little happier but all I have done is waste my time n gas with no real answers or help. Plus arguing that I shouldn't be having to pay to have a bran new gun fixed since no one wants to pay shipping costs let alone ship it! This is obvious its not my fault and this is where good Customer Serice makes me a life time customer from never again customer.
    With building mutiple AR's I have called a few
    manufactures about something a few thou off but I corrected issue just giving a heads up in case someone cant figire out whay part doesnt fit or work as described
    and I got new parts galore n swag on way shipped express as sorry for the Inconvience despite telling em not to. Only one time I ever had a real issue I couldn't get manfuscture to send me the correct part since orginal was to far out of spec. The net store was bending over backwards for me trying to get manufacture to own isssue as well. While ordering other parts straight from another manufacture, I said I learned my lesson why I should just deal with you guys. He asked why and told him about my issue. The fact that I get acces directly to their tech support bout stupid stuff versus diggin for answerers at literally almost all hours of day, parts shipped same to next day. Always high qualilty parts etc and answer I got was well and now you have use sending the part you need for being a good customer. Guess Im just spoiled to the way most previous dealers and manufactures have owned up to little things. I was shocked at lack of immediate answers or help forcing me to burn my gas and time to try and find solutions.
    looking for what all causes are could be. I think I have ideas as to possible issues but want to get em all figured out. Maybe even someone had same issues and knows what the hell is going on. I know mags aren't the main issue. Lots of mags used that were known to function have been tested with one that has same issues.
    I didn't take much pics of everyhing I found as I was in hurry to beat rush hour trying to drop it off knowing that it wasn't going to go over well since was my second attempt at resolution. I didn't want to be going home angry and stuck in traffic to boot. Plus I figured some of stuff other then poor craftsmanship didn't matter for function. It's not worth getting caught up in what doesn't matter and some of it I don't have the expereicne with Ak's to know. Its not worth focusing on what doesn't affect function. My list of little things is long for little stuff too. But those don't affect function I'm more
    Intrested in functional issues at this point. plus what else do I need to check knowing that lots slipped through the cracks when this was made or modified.
    Wish I had realized to check where mags locks in on either side but three days of searching before I found that. Ugggg.
    Any helps or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I will eventually do an AK build so might as well learn all the issues that can affect feeding etc with this mistake of a purcahse.
    Side note what are good models to look at for future(reliabable out of box?) any kits to stay away from? When I do give a build down the road?
    Thanks, sorry bout length just really frustrated and agrrivated over this.

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    Re: Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and j

    I was surprised to see the conversions to say the least; the guns externally are fantastic but they are single-stackers that were designed specifically for a single-stack magazine. Rather than a double-stack that had been rigged to take a single stack (if that makes sense.) A friend of mine and I spent hours loving that feed ramp to make it functional and I'd have to say it is around 90-95%. Thats after a lot of hand-love, mind you, not a cut-and-go operation in the least. From my experience it hasn't really been about anything but the feedramp. How much they took off, how much you need to take off, or how much that might necessarily need to be put back will be up to you. Sorry to hear about your predicament, especially for such a nice gun with a larger price tag
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    Re: Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and j

    That sucks brother, nothing worse that heading to the range and finding out you have a problem child.

    Personally, I would send it back to Century to fix or replace. I have had to do this before and while I was extremely annoyed that they forced me to send it back through an FFL on my dime, they did eventually fix the problem. If they can't they will replace it (which is why they want it sent through an FFL to begin with).

    Your other option is to keep messing with until you get it feeding right. But if anything is truly out of spec, it will probably be more trouble and frustration than it's worth to you. If you are having both feeding and ejection issues... well, you have multiple issues to work out.

    I would highly suggest trying a few different magazines from other manufacturers. While an in-spec AK should run with just about anything, that may help solve some of the issues or at least point to where it's out of spec. It also helps to have another functioning AK to compare and take measurements on.
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    Re: Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and j

    I have the same model firearm with ftf issues. At first it appeared a little reshaping of the feed ramp would help. After further inspection, I realized the bolt actually goes passed the case head and pushes the case body, jamming the cartridge against the barrel. There is no possible way these rifles were test fired after the conversion. I would just try and tell the gun shop that you will pay for the shipping. It's sad that these guns are well made and then are ruined here by a lack of attention.

    Edit: I spoke with century and they sent me a return label to send the gun back on their dime. They told me there are some states that don't allow them to send the guns back to individuals.

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    Re: Help with new CAI papm70 not feeding, not ejecting and j

    Century is the manufacturer and you can send directly to them for warrenty and repair issues, send it back. If you bought it from a local dealer (not just did a transfer there) he should send it back if it's defective. If he won't handle the warrenty through his shop contact Century direct. If satisfation cannot be had, contact your Credit Card company ( if a card was used) and see if you can get help there for defective merchandise purchase.

    If none of the above work head down to your local courthouse and file a small claims case against the store that you purchased it from...not sure where you live but it is only $35.00 to file here in Indiana. Make the douche bag tell the judge why he won't handle the warrenty claim with Century on the gun he sold you.

    You start fileing/grinding on shit you loose all warrenty coverage.

    Sounds to me like not only feed ramp issues but it sounds like the magazine (rear especially) is sitting to low in the receiver if the bolt is riding over the rounds and not strippng them from the magazine.

    This also is a good reason to purchse things like this on a credit card that has good consumer protection/refund policies even if you have to pay a extra 3% to use the card.

    Which by the way a merchant charging a extra percentage srcharge to use a credit card is a violation of state law in the following states:

    10 states currently have their own laws that prohibit credit card surcharges: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

    Read more: ... z28OIfjVIe
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