Problem with my 10/63
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    Problem with my 10/63

    took my wasr 10/63 to the range. I charge the weapon, fire, it ejects the casing, loads a fresh round, but then the trigger won't fire. it's almost like the trigger hasn't reset. But how can that happen if the bolt has loaded a new round. So I manually charge, it spits out the round, and loads a new one. I fire, eject, and then when you pull the trigger, again nothing happens. Does anyone have any advice as to why this is happening? I guess one thing that was a plus was that it was pretty accurate. Though it's worthless to me if I can't get it to function consistently. thanks


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    Re: Problem with my 10/63

    Are both of the hammer spring "hooks" (or legs) around the back of the trigger piece? This often happens where one slips off and it doesn't have enough oomph to reset

    See if the hammer spring is laying on the bottom of the receiver

    edit: Oh - it seems you double posted this topic. The other thread is here, and people already suggested this same cause.




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