Opinion of jamb problem. extractor claw not grabbing
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    Opinion of jamb problem. extractor claw not grabbing

    Heres what happened. I stuck 20 rounds in a mag. First 8 went perfect, then just a click. A shell went in the chamber but got pushed in too far and the extractor claw didnt open around the shell and just butted up to it instead pushing it too far into the chamber.
    I was able to pull the shell out with my fingernail and looked at it. It had a shoulder that was pushed back a bit and i slid it back in the chamber and compared it to a new shell and it probably got the shoulder pushed back .020 inches. I put the shell in my pocket and ran 5 more thorough and the same thing happened. just a click, pull the bolt back and shell is still in chamber, but pulls out easy with my fingernail. this shell was a brass case where the other was a stell case so i know its not a shell problem.
    I got home and pulled out my Romy kit, unissied. I slid the shells into that chamber and compared them to the polish and they were sitting in the same depth. New shells sit in the same depth as well with both guns so i doubt my chamber is worn or anything like that. So, what do you think?
    I took my dremel and made a slightly larger chamfer on the front of the extractor claw to aid in the claw sliding around and off to the side of the shell to grab into the groove but will not be able to test fire it for a few days but this will drive me nuts until then. Any other reason why the extractor claw will not open up and instead just headbutt the poor case into the bore? the rest or the 18 shels were fine

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    all fixed. Had to bring the chamfer back on the extractor claw a bit more. Like Butter now!

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    Wow, you are definitely most PDQ. The bevel was it? Fired it? The extractor claw was moving?

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    everything was free and moving. This Polish kit had some use so i think it wore the extractor where it stops against the bolt and was closing in a little to far. Bringing the chamfer back about .007 fixed it.

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    A shell went in the chamber but got pushed in too far and the extractor claw didnt open around the shell and just butted up to it instead pushing it too far into the chamber.
    Are you sure the headspace is correct? It shouldn't be possible to push a round too far into the chamber. This doesn't sound right at all. Is it possible to post a couple pics of the problem? I wouldn't shoot it until you have the headsapce checked. If you do, be very carefuMike

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    Headspace has absolutly nothing to do with it if you think about it for a bit. The shell pushed in too far because it was rammed in that far by the extractor acting as a battering ram when it didnt open up and slide off to the side. Its not like the case will just drop in that far by its own from headspace problems. The Shell case area where the shell gets necked down was pounded back only on the 2 jammed rounds. The extractor not opening adds length to the bolt face in a sort of way,(acting like short headspace) if it will not move off to the side like it should. When the extractor didnt open it actually tried to go the opposite way from the impact because it didnt hit the chamfer surface against the shell. If the headspace on any AK causes an extraction problem it would be if it was too long and the shell would go too far in the chamber before bottoming on the necked area leaving too little of the case for the extractor to grab on to, and no deformation of the case will happen. If it was too short the extractor would still work. But in that case yes you would get a deformed case but it would deform all of them that were shot.
    Hope this makes sense
    But anyway, good conversation for what its worth and everything is fine now and positive it is fixed.



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