A.C. Unity 30 round mags:

IMG_0817 (2).JPG IMG_0818 (2).JPG

IMG_0819 (2).JPG

These mags have little metal tabs showing at the lock up points, but I don't know what type of metal it is because it wouldn't attract a magnet.

They have a good helt to them and this mag locked up tight in every gun, including the WASR-10. It also has a plastic follower.

I will take these to the range this weekend and see how they feed.

As for cost Legion was running a special for the PUFGUNs, 3 for $24.55 and $10 shipping. Total cost on each mag was $11.52 each.

The A.C. Unity mags came from Classic Firearms at $8.99 each with shipping and insurance total cost for two was $25.81 or $12.90.