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Thread: Post up your Favorite AK Mags

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    My two favorites are Chinese 30's and Hungarian 20's. Not a collector, mine all get used so I don't even look for anything expensive or hard to find. I do wish I'd bought a couple dozen Tanker 20's years ago when they were cheap. I have just five.

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    Still my favourite, although the days when there were cases full of these are probably long gone now.

    DSCF2473.JPG7.62 Bosnian non markedb.JPG

    and 2nd will be the 40 rnd 7.62mm Bakelite

    7.62x39mm 40 rnd bakelite l.JPG7.62x39mm 40 rnd bakelite r.JPG

    These were not that common back in the day, are they more common now?

    Something to break you heart..

    Destruction of 40 rnd Bakelites.jpg

    Stay safe
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    I was in Iraq back in 2003 with 1-22 IN in Tikrit and was checking out some warehouse looking for some bayonets as souvenirs. Was standing on a pile of crap when I looked down and realized I was standing on a mound of mags a good 3 to 4 times bigger than that bottom pic. The crap we found back then would blow your mind.

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    The first AK47 mag
    The “slab side”


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