Is this worth buying?
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    Is this worth buying?

    looks kinda rusty and it says barrels are dirty
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    typical for a yugo,barrel dark,most worn out and some's a crap shoot if ya can get a decent barrel with the kit.some clean up good,some not so good.if ya can find a good barrel then yeah but ya have to head space and maybe,just maybe have to drill a oversized hole for the barrel pin.I say maybe because sometimes ya just get lucky and not have's all about what ya want in the barrel.if ya don't care about the bore and aren't wanting a pristine barrel and just want a lead thrower,then yeah get it.there are new and newer barrels out there but again,head space and oversized pins come into play here.have to know what ya are doing here or send it to someone who does.great rifles also.I love em.built like a tank.
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