PSL finally finished, hope to test-fire tomorrow
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    PSL finally finished, hope to test-fire tomorrow


    built up an AK and a PSL at the DFW get together, (once again a BIG THANKS to AK-Nut, Getit, alphaDAM, SVO, and everyone else who showed up to build and help)

    we had several problems with the PSL, since the previous owner of the kit had pressed in the center support too hard and bent in the rails as well as bulging the center support a bit.

    Finally got the rails set up and working, and then after all that work still didn't have the bolt hold open in and working because the bulge had changed the tolerances.

    Well, I spend some time today with my dremel and finally got everything together... it's DONE. BHO, removable Flash-hider/brake, shepards' hook in to hold the pins (and MAN was that a [email protected]@)

    I'll hopefully post an AAR on both the PSL and my first AK build tomorrow night or tuesday....
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    Lookin' forward to pics!

    This ain't Delaware.

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    Keep us posted...
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