Tapco Trigger trouble/ good replacement?
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    When I initially built some of my kits, I used the TAPCO G2 trigger groups in them. As far as I'm concerned, were it not for a very irritating problem of them doubling on occasion followed by a jam, I would be satisfied with them, but I've tried solving this problem a few times now, doing the hammer bevel like Nodak spud's website suggested and it's getting on my last nerve by this point. It doesn't do it often but it messes with my shooting when I start thinking in the back of my mind will it do it again. Essentially if you slowly pull the trigger back and somehow manage to keep it at the right (really wrong spot) after the hammer breaks, the hammer doesn't get caught on the return, and just goes on to shoot immediately afterward again, after which a jam occurs. So essentially it does a 2 round burst followed by a jam, every time guaranteed. Really I'm not looking for anything fancier than the TAPCO, but I'm wondering if you guys have any recommendations for similar feel US made trigger groups that will solve this doubling problems without being way more expensive. If need be I will pay a bit more, as long as the doubling gets solved, but prefer to keep it close to the same price point. So if you guys had similar issues, and found a solution, I'd be interested in knowing what you did.

    Btw, the guns in question are a M70 Yugo on a NDS-5, and Romy G on the NDS-3 Economy receiver. I put the double hooks in both, cause it seemed to reduce the frequency of the doubling, but it still did not completely fix it.

    I did also try to move the disconnector a bit more forward to shorten the gap between the trigger claws and it, in hopes of minimizing the space that the hammer can slip back out from in-between these 2 contact areas but I haven’t really been able to get much real progress on that as I don’t know how to weld and the filing/drilling/dremel work I’ve done so far lacks the finesse to really move it enough forward while keeping it from sliding back into it’s old position.
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