86 AKSU-74 kit with barrel and receiver price check
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    86 AKSU-74 kit with barrel and receiver price check

    Hi Guys,

    I decided to sell my 86 kits. I really don't want to but I think its time to move on and find other hobbies.

    I have two 86 kits with 74uLLC receivers. One with a bluejack 5.0 barrel and one with the AKbuilder one. Both of them have been SBRed but not assembled. The receivers are engraved by 74uLLC with my trust info. One of the kits is a hand select from Rguns.

    What would they be worth? I'm assuming the fact that they are not built is actually a good thing but what do I know. Any thoughts?


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    kit price $1500 was the lowest i've seen in the last 7 years. and they highest one i've seen went for $2500 w/o the barrel. recently there was a sale of 86 tula on ar15.com with the bluejack barrel but i don't recall the price, thread might still be there if you want to look it up.

    bluejack barrel is a dark horse however i've seen them go for a low as $250 and in the few rare offers were between $750 and even $1k

    i don't claim to be in the know and most up to date on this but just so happen i was in the process of building a 86 tula AKSU and these things are still fresh in my mind.

    i'd say don't let go of the kit for any less than $1.5k receivers made to your trust by 74u llc you most likely will take a hit on. as these were uber expensive to begin with and now recreator does very faithful copies for whole a lot less. you could probably pay a smith to weld over your trust info and fix that detractor but it's extra cash you probably don't want to spend.

    barrels i would also sell separately. start high and slowly lower the price until someone buys it.

    either this way or pay cash and finish both builds and then put them on gunbroker. or at least finish one, sell it on gunbroker and then maybe finish second one for the funds made and either keep or sell as well. i think you can make most buck with least headache this way. otherwise parting out kit, from barrel, form receiver will make most cost return to you, IMO

    that's my 2 cents.

    good luck



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