Comparison photos of Galil and Golani bullet guides
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    Comparison photos of Galil and Golani bullet guides

    I posted this over on uzitalk also.

    Here are some comparative pictures between one Golani (newer cast part) and an original full-auto ARM.

    Note that both guns feed from a rather low position--I guess the Galil wasn't designed to feed soft points--but the Galil has a radiused and polished surface below the chamber and the Golani does not.

    Even with the low feed position, my Golani has been reliable with ball, hollow points and soft points.

    I know this has been discussed in various threads but I thought I'd try to get some decent photos of both guns and post them all in one new thread.

    The Galil First:

    The Golani:

    A couple more pictures for good measure!

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    great pics.

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    the golani looks like a regular AK bullet guide.
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    Looks like the bone heads at Century did not examine an original Galil before making the Golani!

    Checked the Bulgy 5.56 barrel that I used for my SAR3 clone built on a NDS-2. The barrel has a small dished out area at the bottom of the chamber face to facilitate feeding of the 5.56 rounds. Have had no feeding problems with it using modified AK74 mags. Used a Romy G trunion and a modified Bulgy AK74 bolt and bolt carrier/gas piston.

    Only problems were case seperations when firing old Winchester 1970s milsurp from Isreal. Only one had the front half stuck in the chamber with next round stuck in it. Just hit the bolt carrier handle against the shooting bench and they popped right out. Of the other seven seperated cases both pieces of the case ejected or extracted with one piece sticking out of the ejection port.



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