I was drinking and BSing with friends about a month ago and I ended up buying a used Golani Sporter 5.56 for $1250. It has the Caspian Arms receiver and was not one that was subject to recall. I know impulse buys like this are stupid and you should always do your research. I haven't fired the gun yet, but after more reading about the Golani I'm feeling horrible and I'm fairly certain I got ripped off badly. I plan to take the rifle to a professional gunsmith and have him do a full inspection.

How badly did I get ripped off? Should I cut my losses, sell the gun for whatever I can get, and put the money towards having someone like Hillbilly Firearms build a custom Galil clone on a CNC Warrior or similar receiver and something like an Apex parts kit? Or should I keep the gun, give it a fair chance, and maybe revitalize it a bit and some optics or something?

Any help/advice will be appreciated. I'm a first time AR/AK buyer and I learned an important lesson. Feel free to help ease my pain and suffering by sharing any personal rip-off stories you may have.