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Hi from Virginia

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  1. TheAsterite said:

    Hi from Virginia

    Hi all. Picked up my first AKs this year, a trio of k-var veprs in 5.45, x39, and 12 gauge which started my bakelite collection. Looking forward to hanging out here.
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    njkalashnikov said:
    "Cause bitches don't like to be slapped on the cheek. Yugos need real men to shoot them who know how to hold them tight"

    "Only a woman's glance strikes harder than an assault rifle."
    Mikhail Kalashnikov
  3. Rangers13 said:
    Welcome to the forum

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  4. Gman's Avatar

    Gman said:
    Welcome aboard.
  5. Indykid's Avatar

    Indykid said:
    Welcome to the group!
  6. corpsman5's Avatar

    corpsman5 said:
    welcome from Tennessee!
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    blahpony said:
    Welcome from Virginia.
    Blahpony confirmed as Darth Paydirt - 10Gauge
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    JeepFan said:
  9. motorolanut's Avatar

    motorolanut said:
    Welcome from WV.