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  1. DontWorryScro said:

    Hello from Kalifornistan

    Been in the AR game for a while but decided to take my first step into AKs with a SAM7R which is currently on layaway. Excited to be a part of the community and looking to learn tons! Thanks for having me.

    Edit: Wow I must be having a serious brain fart. I already posted up an intro when I first signed up. So consider this a second how-do-you-do?
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  2. Gman's Avatar

    Gman said:
    That milled Arsenal SAM7R is a very nice first AK.
  3. motorolanut's Avatar

    motorolanut said:
    Welcome from WV.
  4. scottyb's Avatar

    scottyb said:
    Pics oar it did knot happen.
    needs moar AK

    or beer

  5. Pookie's Avatar

    Pookie said:
    Quote Originally Posted by scottyb View Post
    Pics oar it did knot happen.
    Ore what?

    Naught that I care or anything...

    Hello two time greeter, I am phone. It's hot as balls today, so I shall wash the automobile, or maybe make a house call to my uncle. My teeth are stone.
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