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    Quote Originally Posted by justbill
    Quote Originally Posted by btr
    I think the video was exteremely interesting.

    I am REALLY interested to know if the AK would have passed if the safety had been engaged.
    I agree. I'd be equally interested in seeing the results with a normally lubricated AR with it's dust cover open.
    The AR in my video here is "normally lubed". I run my ARs wet, I don't run them dry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8SSQ_wIG4o

    You can see the oil that leaked out of the gun over the course of the test on the outside. Running it dry it wouldn't have made it through a fraction of the shooting it did. While oil/lube does attract dust, it also allows the gun to function with more fouling.

    You can also see that a significant amount of sand/debris did still make it to the inside of the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo
    Thank you very much for the video, learned that the AK has a weak point and is not invulnerable. Also learned not to pour allot of dirt/sand into it and expect it to work properly! Letting allot of dirt/sand get into anything mechanical is not a good idea.

    I still like the AK better than the AR from my experience with both plinking in the sand pits and ranges where I shoot. Everyone should stop bellyaching about the test and learn from it as I have.
    I'm glad you found some value in the video. I prefer to shoot an AK for fun too, and use a Saiga 12 in competition alongside an AR15. They both have their places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNO
    I've carried both, M16s and AKs in the field. I see them as different tools for different tasks. I carried a Colt Commando in some extreme conditions, hot and humid, torrential rain and winds...............sometimes in the same day. It was a good weapon, the mags seemed to be the downside.

    Other times I opted for an AK, same conditions, but I always took an AK when resupply and support was not an option.

    This is not going to turn into an AR vs AK thread, that horse has been beat to death and we're not going to waste our time with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phreakmode
    Don't blame the shovel for the shit pot existing. It is people sharing their opinions that complicate things such as this post/testing. People refuse to learn on an individual level, instead they feel led to pursue avenues of argumentation. Take the test posted for what its worth, that is the value, if you are un able to do so, it holds no value and perhaps you should simply move along.
    I believe phreakmode has hit the nail on the head and I see no use in letting this thread go on.

    Take this from the video; Extreme ammounts of dirt in the action will affect performance.
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