So I wasn't really planning on getting a new pistol
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    So I wasn't really planning on getting a new pistol

    but Cabela's sent me this card in the mail that said if i bought something, they would activate the card for X amount of dollars (X being dependent on how much I spent). Sooooo... I bought a Springfield XD Tactical .45, with the thumb safety, and they activated the card for $150 since i spent over $500. I thought that was good deal. The gun was $550 if I bought it at the local gun shop, and it was $569 at Cabela's, but then I get the $150 card in addition.

    Even though their prices are a little high, I can, for example, get 500 rounds Wolf 7.62x39 FMJ for $129, plus something else small, or anything else they have up to $150, and I only paid $19 dollars over my regular retail for the pistol. Overall, I think i did good, since i kinda wanted one of those pistols. I have the XD .45 Compact and it takes the same mags (albeit with the grip extender), so i have two guns with interchangeable mags. One for CCW and one full size.

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    Any time you can get $150 worth of additional merchandise for a $500 purchase you are doing great.



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