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Forum seems faster now

Thread: Forum seems faster now

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  1. Glock Holiday's Avatar

    Glock Holiday said:

    Forum seems faster now

    At least on my end the forum seems faster and more stable.
    The dreaded 9pm till 10 pm slow down possibly over?
    One can only hope!
    I'm Your Huckleberry
  2. Dawg180's Avatar

    Dawg180 said:
    LOL, we probably have 20% less members cruising the forum because they can't find it due to the name change!
    "I pledge allegiance to the ideal left us by men wiser than I, having the forethought to gift their children with the power of being free."
  3. LRRP-87's Avatar

    LRRP-87 said:
    Keep your fingers crossed.