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Then don't buy anything in that grey area. Simply put, if you can't afford to write it off, don't roll the dice.
I never have "rolled the dice" but I've done enough business on eBay to have run across a situation or 2 that eBay didn't back after I opened a dispute. They backed the seller. "Rolling the dice" on potential contraband or risking theft or seizure on high-dollar items is just foolish to say the least.

I used to have a little "micro-business" getting strictly non-ITAR tac goods over to S.Africa, Namibia, and a couple companies in-theater(GWOT) via a couple exclusive agents overseas. The end users were primarily LE and licensed security professionals who had limited access to high quality nylon and polymer goods. A lot of high end companies won't do business with 2d and 3d world countries even though there is no embargo by State Dept. I ran into this problem as well a couple years earlier in S.Africa when I was down there selling joint Israeli/US tactical simulators to similar clients… "MILO Systems." I made sure I was bullet proof with every shipment and I bounced my manifests off a freight forwarder who specialized in .gov ITAR goods so I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt I was well within the confines of the law. So I'm pretty well adversed in customs and international freight procedures to include "unofficial procedures" like structuring your shipments to best avoid theft by host-nation customs and postal workers. At least I was well adversed up until maybe 2 years ago when I ceased operations. A lot of those regs change fairly regularly.