SAM7R Replacement Bolt?
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    SAM7R Replacement Bolt?

    Hi All,
    I am new to this game and was wondering what bolts are being used a replacements on the SAM7R?
    KVAR doesn't seem to stock them, nor anyone else for that matter. Which makes me assume that some other bolts will work in the SAM7?
    I would also assume that a bulgarian bolt should be compatible but I cannot seem to be able to find a source...
    So, what bolts would be compatible with this rifle? As well what about carriers that work in a SAM7? Those aren't easily found either, for me at least...

    While we are on the topic, would the rifle need to be re-headspaced or anything like that if I were to put a new bolt in?

    (Please don't tell me that I will never need other bolt because AK, I just like to have spares of everything)

    Thanks a million!

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    SAM7R should use a milled pattern bolt. You will need to check and see if it headspaces with the spare bolt; if it doesn't, you'll have to get another spare. Spare bolts usually aren't a thing for the AK due to the hand fitted nature between bolt, barrel, and trunnion.
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