Learning from others’ (mine) shooting mistakes
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Thread: Learning from others’ (mine) shooting mistakes

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    Learning from others’ (mine) shooting mistakes

    Ever see someone get hit twice by the same piece of shrapnel? Happened to me last week. Classic pistol stance, shooting at rough steel too close (not my steel but my error), hollow point jacket separated and came back. Nicked the side of my left calf then sliced the back of my right leg as it passed between them. Quarter inch to the L or R would have meant digging it out. Compression stopped the bleeding, not a big deal, laceration too short for sutures. Would have buried in the Achilles’ tendon if it had erred to the right.

    The “torso on a post” target was dimpled from higher powered rounds fired too close. Should have had it much farther out than 15m, not appropriate as a close-in pistol target once the surface is cratered. .45acp is infamous for deflecting bullets back but this was a 9mm.
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    Glad you are okay man
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    Learning from others’ (mine) shooting mistakes

    Never been hit twice by the same piece but it’s funny you bring this up. I recently finished a G17 clone and took it to the plinking range. I got hit twice on separate occasions. Once in the shin, the other on my cheek, an inch below my safety glasses. Fiocchi ammo, never been hit before...

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    Got hit in the shoulder when the man next to me on the firing line revolver blew up. Evidently the top round grenaded and it set off the rounds on either side of it taking the top half of a nice S&W Model 19 apart. I got hit by the adjustable rear sight as it sort of flew by. Since then I am careful about who I shoot next to.

    Also been hit by lead fragments when standing next to a man shooting lead in a revolver that was not timed properly. It was shaving lead and spraying it sideways from the cylinder. He did not know it was doing it until I showed him the blood it caused to escape from me! That little episode cost him a real good bottle of my choice of Tequila!



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