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So I got this box

Thread: So I got this box

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  1. AZAK's Avatar

    AZAK said:
    I salute you! And, kick myself in the ass for selling the second kit I bought.
    LOOKING FOR: Postban Chicom (squareback) Rifle, '65 EG MPi-KM kit, Soviet and East German AKM Barrels, Soviet AKM U/F Stock Assembly, Polish Milled Receiver Front Stub

    I can organize and sell your Commbloc weapon/parts/accessory collection
    if you lack the time or desire; send a PM if interested.

    Kalashnikov Collectors Association
  2. Arik's Avatar

    Arik said:
    Very similar to the Romanian one

  3. Gman's Avatar

    Gman said:
    Another nice job from TRA. Congrats on the new rifle.
  4. CGSteve's Avatar

    CGSteve said:
    Thanks gentlemen, I will take more pics next week. Perhaps one with a bayonet on it! I could really use a second kit AZAK, as I do not have enough parts to make a fixed stock one.
    WTB: Russian beavertail AK74 magazine release
  5. Two Rivers Arms's Avatar

    Two Rivers Arms said:
    It was great working with you CGSteve, thanks for all of the praises.
    07 FFL / SOT

    email us @ [email protected]


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  6. Marcus's Avatar

    Marcus said:
    "So I got this box......"

    You know, a girl once said that to me.

    Cost me $20.

    Followed up by a visit to the Free Clinic.

    But it was worth it.

    Just sayin, U no?
    AK Nazi Purist & Mosin Sniper Devil