Are parts kits pretty much over and done with?
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Thread: Are parts kits pretty much over and done with?

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    Are parts kits pretty much over and done with?

    I'm just getting back into AK collecting/building after about a 10 year absence. Besides a few Russian kits that I have had for years I don't have anything to build. I had been hoping to build an East German MPi-KM and a Yugo M-70B1 to finish out my collection but kits for these don't seem to be available at any price. In fact the only places I could find any kits at all was Apex (I already have a couple of Maadis that are much nicer than the kits they have now and their East German kits are totally scrubbed) and RGuns which just has some of the same Russian kits that I bought years ago.

    It seems like parts kits used to be way more available. Besides those 2 vendors I found basically nothing in 7.62 for sale, even on Gunbroker there is almost nothing. I haven't been paying attention the market for AK parts kits for a while, is this just the last gasp for being able to buy them or do you think we will be seeing more coming on the market? Or am I just looking in the wrong places?

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    From what I have been able to deduce “from my research” I have heard that at the very least AK74s are pretty much done, there are still kits out there but price is getting to be $$$. There may be more AK47, AKM, RPK kits coming in from time to time but I don’t know the situation on that for sure.

    In short, If you see something your heart desires, now is the time to jump on it, good luck!!
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    not really. this stuff goes in waves. at on point there was a butt-load of Bulgarian ak-74 kits that came into the country in 90-00s they just about dried up completely. i remember that stuff used to got for as low as $99. then it slowly drifted to $150 and now it's at $350-450.
    in 2014 we had large shipment of hungarian 63Ds they've been climbing in price slowly only $50-75 since 2014. but still around. recently there was resurgence of Galils. not really huge numbers but considering that for years we had zilch i'd say it's resurgence. Again Yugos and romys are kinda on the top of the wave for now. Polish stuff showed up big time in the 2015-2016. good time to stock up on polish kits, bot much as far as selection but good stuff non the less.

    so no, i don't think kits are going away. they are stronger than ever. just not same kit as before. you buy when you see something you like or might like and stash it away. you will always make your money back down the line if anything even make few bucks if you need to sell for some reason.
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    The golden age of parts kits is long gone.
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    Check out Arms of America if you want a couple of kits to build.
    The kits are more pricey today. But if you were building and buying kits 10 years ago your cost average can atand a few more kits to purchase.
    Numrich has Zastava RPK kits and has a sale once in a while.
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    I finally bought a 1971 Romy MD 65 underfolder kit from AoA to scratch that itch I'd long had. I paid more for that kit plus a Polish barrel than I did for two (a Yugo and a Romy G) quality kit-built rifles in 2004 (and the Romy G had its original barrel back then of course). With times being what they are, I'm glad to get it, even if it will be one of my most expensive rifles by the time I add a suitable Recreator receiver and pay a builder...

    It was the only AK-47 (yeah, I know, AKM really) I was able to buy during my 47th year on this planet, and to find one with my birth year on the trunnion was pretty cool...

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    Welcome back to the hobby. While the days of cheap kits are gone what you will find is selection. The ak hobby was completely different years ago. It has blown up into where anybody can build , or have built, any ak they want. Kits, barrels, receivers, parts, tools...oh yes, lovely tools that makes building easier are everywhere now. Want a russian T1? Fine, build it. Even US screw in barrels are available. Want a nice polish rifle with a polish barrel on a polish receiver with polish rivets? Fine, build it. How about a nice russian kit that can take the guesswork out of tula and izzy parts? Thats available also. The point being, the hobby has came a long way!

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    Plenty of kits to be found out there but as other have said the days of cheap Romy G kit with original barrel is gone for $100 to the door. But you can still find good kits but you will pay for it. Still worth grabbing if you can find them. They all will be a nice collection to the hobby.
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