Need help with SLR-104CR muzzle device
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    Need help with SLR-104CR muzzle device

    I know Arsenal never officially made them, but I have put a kit together to build what would be an SLR-104CR. A long time ago I purchased a 12.5" barrel assembly from K-Var. It included a 12.5" 5.45x39 barrel, an AK74 RSB, a CR type FS/GB and a krink type booster. I recently got the matching numbers receiver for it and e-filed a Form 1. The approval literally took two weeks. I also have a Bulgarian AK74 donor kit for various parts and all the parts I need for the side folding buttstock. I thought that I had everything that I needed, but I decided to look it all over just to be sure. I discovered that I had removed the 1000m sight leaf for a previous build. That's no big deal because I wanted a 500m CR type rear sight leaf anyway. I'll have to order that. What I also discovered is that the included booster isn't timed correctly for the FS/GB. It fits fine on my SLR-104UR so that the two cuts in the end of the booster are at 9:00 and 3:00. However, when I install it on the FS/GB that I have for this kit, the cuts in the end of the booster are at 10:00 and 4:00. If I put the booster on my SLR-104FR, the cuts in the end of the booster are at about 11:00 and 5:00. So, if I go with a muzzle device that has to be timed, the detent cut has to be between the regular 12:00 AK74 detent and the 10:00 krink detent location. I'm actually not hung up on getting a timed muzzle device. I just want one that is relatively short. The only thing that I can find right now is a birdcage flash hider from K-Var, but it's not short. Plus, I can't tell for sure if it's birdcage all the way around or if the bottom is closed, which would mean that it's timed.

    So I'm looking for suggestions. I want to get this thing built, but I need something more than a muzzle nut.
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