!!!! The WORST Discovery channel documentary EVER
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    !!!! The WORST Discovery channel documentary EVER

    Just finished watching "Final Report, downed pilot"
    it's about the 1995 shootdown and subsequent rescue of Scott OGrady.

    Holy shit, i need an intelligence IV now.
    I was stunned into nausea by their attempt at prop usage.

    the reason i'm so hard on this one is the usual quality of production i have come to see lately, i've actually been surprised.
    not so today.

    Little 'tidbits" i noticed in the reenactments....

    Helo scenes:

    Huey used in most scenes, stock footage of sea knights as exterior shots.

    One of the so called door gunners had "US ARMY" on his uniform and a Korean era pilot's helmet.

    ANother door gunner scene had a gunner manning a .30 cal browning on a pintle mount.

    Rescue scenes:

    One of the Marines had on a British 54 pattern helmet.

    Another Marine was carrying a post ban AR (no FS)

    2 or 3 of the marines had on steel pot (pre PASGT) helmets

    Almost all of the action shots of the marines had black rigging or electrical tape stuck into the mag wells to look like magazines.

    OGradys PRC rescue radio looked like they made it from an FM commercial radio from somebody's garage and TAPED some wires from it.

    Look , i know the whole, "suspension of disbelief thing" and i know it was for TV, but good god, it's almost as if they ran out of money, and finished it with shit from their garages and an army surplus store.
    And i'm not Mr. "expert on everything .mil", i think i have about an average grasp, but Jesus Christ"
    0 Stars......


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    I can't stand reenactments, shitty/low budget props and bad acting.

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    Look up Harry Cash in the USAF for pilot rescues. There you will see how a real rescuer performs. Also a hometown friend I met by accident (thank to the ex wife) and a lifelong drinking buddy

    I have to say the episode did suck

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    all the AK's were airsoft guns too. they had warning stickers on the side of them and they could only be cocked an inch back.. dont' ask how i know...



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