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Thread: Anyone have or considered a 223/556 AK variant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPurp View Post
    I own a few of the Radom Archers (Beryl), mini-Beryl, Onkys, Yugo M85, Yugo M90A and a few Galils. All are in 5.56 and I typically run import steel ammo through them with no issue.
    You have no idea how jealous I am of your Archers and Galil's. Haha. Closest I have to a Galil is the Century Golani abomination that took me $250 to run reliably. Mags wobble so much to and fro it's amazing it shoots. Never would've bought it had I known what I know now. I'm upside down in it so I'll never sell.

    I would love to have a Valmet tube side folder in 223 but they're few and far between. Next 223 AK will probably be a Norinco 84S. Hopefully someone will import the Archer again and it won't be IO, Inc.
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    While not the biggest fan of the .223/5.56 I own one (Arsenal 106FR ) and it is fun to shoot and not a bad gun overall-I bought it originally for re-enacting and shoot it occasionally (I have about 500 rounds through it and no hiccups thus far.

    My first AK I bought in 1986/87 was a Clayco .223 underfolder what a great gun it was! It changed my mind about the "commie junk" stuff I used to hear as it regularly shot just a little over an 1 1/4" groups at 100 yards: Better than my full sized "GAY"R-15 did at the time.

    If I was stuck between two calibers (5.45 and 5.56) and coming in on the ground floor I would take a .223 any day of the week over 5.45.

    I have a few 5.45s that I may have shot 200 rounds total through 2 of them in 12 years of owning them-I have one is unfired actually and up for sale at the moment. I have fired the military model select fire variants of all three calibers also quite extensively and would still opt for a 5.56mm AK over 5.45.
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