anybody else watch Danger 5 on Netflix
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    anybody else watch Danger 5 on Netflix

    I love this show! It's a series on Netflix (originally from Australia, I think) Its filmed like an old B movie, it's well done and very funny.

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    I would, but the only series I get into on Netflix is NCIS or something to watch back episodes. I always hated TV series because my work schedule and such....then even if I recorded them, I never ended up watching them. I was also a die hard NFL fan up until 2000. Then I was working a contract job that had me on the road every weekend for an entire season. I just missed too much and I've never actually gone back to watching NFL regularly unless it's playoff games hit or miss. All of the series stuff is for folks with regular hours. In my off times I like the full length movies even if they're old ones. Sadly enough I watched Predator for the umpteenth time a couple of weeks ago. That's just me and to think it came out in 1987. WOW! I do like my Netflix BTW. Without it, I'd never get to see some of the good things that have come out in the last decade let alone things I want to watch again. I've yet to come across any 'good' series show these days. Mostly all hype up front, a great debut, then down the crapper.
    I still don't understand the Walking Dead series or the Breaking Bad series. I guess there are followers for everything. I guess I'm just not that commercialized or a follower of much of anything.
    MAGA- let's get this show on the road!

    Sans Remords



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