Feedback Score From Old System: Any Way To Incorporate It On New System?
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    Feedback Score From Old System: Any Way To Incorporate It On New System?

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    I have been a member for more than ten years but I havenít been active for several years. I have continued to be a frequent visitor but I havenít logged on in a long time. I couldnít remember my password and I was too lazy to try to find it.

    I just stumbled onto my password and when I logged on I see that my feedback has declined to a single positive score. After a click or two I found a reference that my previous score of 13 was on the ďold system.Ē

    Assuming that everyone lost their feedback when the forum software was switched there must have been a lot of unhappy members. Was there a solution to transferring the old feedback to the new system? Is there anything I can do now?

    My score is not that high so itís not the end of the world if I canít get it back but it is a shame to lose it if I donít have to.

    Sorry to rehash what's presumably old news.


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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately no. There isn't a way to bring old feedback over. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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