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    AZG said:
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    recon said:
    Love the look of this knife but the price is not for me!

    Monkey Edge - Spartan Blades Fixed: George V-14 Raider Dagger
    Buy It Cheap!
    Stack It Deep!
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    MacSr63 said:
    My 3 favorites
    new style Marine Corps combat knife / Bayonet- best combat blade the Corps ever issued.

    Zero Tolerance Fixed Blade - good sold and sturdy. Only thing I donít like is the lack of a guard.

    My Thorson Knives Custom. A friend of mine in Washington State hammers these out. Excellent quality - solid & dependable. Holds an edge very well. He makes axes and tommahawks as well.



  4. YankeeZulu said:
    Quote Originally Posted by MacSr63 View Post
    new style Marine Corps combat knife / Bayonet- best combat blade the Corps ever issued.

    OKC-3S. I kept one on my ruck when I was downrange for a couple years then I switched to a Gerber Strongarm. The OKC is a bit on the big/bulky side but definitely an absolute superior piece of kit, thing's practically a shortsword. I've paired mine on my 870 Police Magnum w/a S&J Bayo lug and compact stock now for a modern twist on the trench gun. Really looks the business.

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    Raptor0341 said:
    I used this one on my last trip to AL Anbar this bayonet has exhumed roughly 15 mines that were double triple stacked and other devices pretty nice combat knife definitely meant to strike fear in the enemy. I oiled it up it was rusting still has the desert sand on it. I did keep my helmet and bayonet gave supply a helmet I found over there.
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  6. YankeeZulu said:
    The OKC is definitely well suited for Combat Engineer work. It's got to be about the thickest gov-issue blade there is.

    Here's the Strongarm on a Hazard4 sling pack I use as my aid bag. The OKC ran over 1/2 the length of the bag and the Gerber is much better suited for aid work. I keep 2 tanker mags on this rig too.


    The OKC is definitely about the best bayonet out there. Built like a tank. Too bad DOD now thinks that bayonet warfare is a thing of the past. I predict we're going to eventually learn that it isn't, and this will be a grisly lesson indeed. We can thank the Obozo administration for that.

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