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Thread: Mystery Crate Finds Coming Soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daefash View Post
    We simply got "trained" into paying $800-$1200 for something that should be lot less. In the old country a new Eastern block AKM was $100-$200. When they price them it is not how much they cost plus profit, it is simply how much we are we willing to pay. The Obama years was bad for consumers and a huge gold mine for gun companies. If we had more than one company importing from Bulgaria then we would see a consumer friendly market. Do you really think the Bulgarian Waffle mag should be $45? But we got trained and brainwashed to believe they are worth that. A Serbian $7.99 mag is more like reality, Arsenal is like Disney land for us
    Yes and no.

    I haven't looked at Bulgarian Lev, but the last time I checked the cost of Romanian guns, it was actually cheaper NOW at $600ish for a Romanian AKM then it was in 1997 for one.. In Romanian money. Basically Romanian currency exchange rates had risen. That also ignores if the cost of living / wages have risen in the factory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by COMM BLOC View Post

    things are changing and importers are shutting their trap about it AND making non importable stories to go along with the product. thats false advertising. no sugar coating at all its just plain and simple false advertising. its a lie.
    kvar knew it was bs thats why they priced everything so cheap! they can just get more!
    Finally someone with the guts to tell the true truth and not collude with the LIES
    "A Man with One Gun Can Control 100 Men With None" -Vladimir Lenin


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