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Thread: Updates on Congressional Race

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    Very cool!
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    Congrats Steve!!!!

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    In looking through the various maps available showing yesterday's election results I was alarmed to see our friend and fellow member Steve Russell was defeated last night in the House blue wave:


    He lost by a very small margin but as we shooters realize, a miss is as good as a mile.

    So what's next on your agenda Mr. Russell? We will miss your voice of reason on firearms in District of Corruption!
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    Unfortunately I see things going more for the liberals as time goes on. It's really sad that Mr. Russel did not retain his seat. He would have had my vote if I were able to give it to him. He's a great example of who we need in congress, unfortunately many others who don't know him don't feel that way.
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    It's definitely sad news, but sometimes people simply make poor voting decisions. Hopefully Representative Russell will continue to fight the left.

    Quote Originally Posted by JestersRevenge View Post
    Unfortunately I see things going more for the liberals as time goes on.
    So long as the government can spend more than it takes in we'll be at a significant disadvantage. However, something that can't go on forever won't. The day will eventually arrive when those loaning the money won't because they won't have the guarantee of getting paid back. When that day arrives, those in power will literally do anything to keep their power. There's no telling what they'll do, but we will be on a level playing field.
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    I came back home in time to do my part but there was very high turnout from the democrats in our state due to a governors race as a result of the mass unpopularity of the outgoing governor. Mr Russell had to defend the one House district in the state that probably has 80 percent of the registered democrats in the entire state(Oklahoma City).
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