What's with the dimples on some mags?
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    Question What's with the dimples on some mags?

    Just picked up a "new" PPS43.
    Came with 4 mags.
    One of them has a dimple on each side, toward the bottom.

    Also, who has the best price on mags, nowadays?

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    Me thinks they are stops for the follower to keep from overloading the spring. Best mags, unmodified for 9mm. Many have said the unmoded mags work fine with 9mm. HTH

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    Yes they do. The 9mm mags with spacers are hard to find, and pricey.
    And I run bulk reloaded 9mm 147 gr. +p that runs fine in multiple pistol mags, Evo Scorpion & Colt smg mags but they’re too long for the 9mm mags. Everything runs fine in the surplus mags. I usually tap the backs on a tabletop if rounds slide forward during loading but they feed fine regardless.

    I think I bought mine from RobertRTG & Numrich Gun Supply years ago, not sure who is running a deal today but never seen them run for more than good steel surplus AK mags.



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