Hey Guys,
We have finally completed our Yugoslavian M76 sniper stock. Parts are posted on our Yugo set page and our individual parts page.
We still have to complete the M76 lower, for those of you wishing to replace the stocks on actual M76 Yugo AKs. If you are looking to do
up an M70 with the M76 butt, you can order immediately. Pics of the stock do not currently show the M76 sling swivel cut, obviously, this will
be available for customers with original M76 hardware. Also, if you need a Yugo reproduction recoil pad, Ronin's grips, ( link available on our
Tech page, Vendor section), makes a really nice copy of the original.

Let me know what you think. Shape is dead on (laser scanned), and fits properly.
Oh, and the pic below is an M76 butt in Afromosia, our replacement for Teak wood. We have a handful of butt stocks in Afromosia
currently in stock, but, we can make as many as needed in our std. wood offerings..

Let me know what you think.

Grey part is primed original M76 unit used for scanning, shown next to our new part.