No place for bolt actions/World War II era or pre WWII self loaders?
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    No place for bolt actions/World War II era or pre WWII self loaders?

    I came across a new-ish video by Ian from Forgotten Weapons about Finnish rebuilt/Finnish made Mosin-Nagant rifles, and this being a site heavily focusing on Russian/Soviet era firearms, I thought that there'd be a place for them. But I didn't find any areas about World War I/World War II era firearms, no areas about bolt actions, nor one in specific about Mosin-Nagants. Well, maybe in the In General area, but I've found that usually for firearms topics, there's usually better places for them.

    If the mods or admins want to use this as a place holder for such a thread/area if they feel that it's worth it, here's the Forgotten Weapons Finnish Mosin-Nagant rifle video. Also, as I like to study World War II history, I do find that the Finnish/Russian conflicts and even North African/Mediterranean Theater is a kinda forgotten part of the World War II conflict:

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    I realize that the subforum title isn't that obvious, but there actually is a place for Mosin info - Eastern Bloc Curios and Relics - Eastern Bloc Curio and Relics

    This EBC&R subforum is also a de facto site for non Eastern Bloc C&R stuff. Not unheard of to see reference to various Mausers, Swiss K-series, etc.
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