Normally I only make products for Hks and AKs. A friend of mine brought me his Charles Daly shotgun awhile back asking if I could make a locking block for it his had broken and Charles Daly is no longer in business.

A quick search on the internet revealed many people have the same problem so we CNC'd up a group. These are made from billet and hardened. As best I can tell the original pieces were made from cast material.

It will still be a couple weeks before I have the blocks ready to ship, retail price will be around $95.

I am looking for a few guys with broken Charles Daly locking blocks as I'd like to test fit a few of my blocks in different shotguns. I am guessing Charles Daly did not hold the best of tolerances when building these shotguns so I am not sure there can be a one size fits all replacment locking block. If someone is interested in sending me their shotgun I'll install a replacement block for $50, that amount includes return shipping via UPS ground.

For more information send me an email

Checkout a photo here